Lisa Steele

Welcome to my portfolio! With a passion for driving growth and a proven track record in helping small and medium-sized companies expand into new markets, I bring a unique blend of sales, marketing, and customer success expertise. My journey has equipped me with the skills to understand client needs deeply, assess market opportunities, and craft strategies that lead to success. Explore my work and discover how I can help your business achieve its goals and reach new heights.

Photo by Brendo Boyose on Pexels

Sales Hack: Work Your Network to Get Into a Prospective Customer's Tribe

In the crowded world of sales, cold emails often fall flat. Discover powerful techniques to warm up your outreach by leveraging your LinkedIn connections and getting strategic introductions. This blog post provides a detailed guide on filtering searches by client persona industries and effectively connecting with the trusted network of your prospective customers. Transform your sales approach and achieve better results with these actionable tips. Stay tuned for more expert strategies to help you close deals faster!